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*speaks in draconish* Hewoo! I wub your game and honesby, this kimb of tawkling is cyutie! 

this look intz, but cannot play so will there be support for mac or even browser?

HTML5 is something I wanted to try to do in the future, so maybe!

Mac is difficult. I could try to make a build for it on the next release (April 1st), but I have absolutely no way of testing it! 

alright, thx for reply, no pressure if cannot do :)

I'm... confused. Hunger seems to mean literally the exact opposite. I kept hunting over and over again trying to get my Hunger down, but it kept resetting to 100... but for some reason resting decreased it. Went to 0 and that didn't even seem to matter much. Then hunting again increased it to 35. Is that how it's supposed to work? If so, why is it called Hunger?

I will admit that this discussion did come up back in December when I first coded hunger in. In the end we decided that, since pretty much every game we've played that involved a hunger system has it start at full and decrease over time, that is the system we would use. I suppose I could have called it satiation, it just feels like more cumbersome of a word than I really needed.

Hunger doesn't do much yet, no. The systems that are in place are shoddy and will be replaced eventually. Hunger causes you to gain body/part size randomly when it's above a threshold, and lose those sizes when its below a threshold. It also causes damage to you any time you hunt or explore when it's at 0.

what does the lust meter do?


The only thing I can confirm myself, is that it begins to affect your chance to hit in combat once it goes above 50.

It might affect the outcomes of certain scenes, or influence what choices are available in certain scenes.  My co-dev is the one who writes the scenes, which is why I can't say for certain what is effected there.

Honestly most of the "gameplay" is WIP. Hunger, lust, size changes, leveling up, EXP, and the entire combat system are pretty bare right now. It's something I'll eventually get to, but my primary focus so far has been building and expanding the scripting language that my partner uses to write porn, so he can write even more porn and in different ways!

Lust has a determining factor in two things:

1: High lust has a detrimental effect in combat, giving the player an additional chance to miss.

2: Lust can allow players to access alternative or additional scenes in certain encounters. 

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Supporting this all the way! Can't wait for female support soon. Keep it up!

I love that finally a developer realizes that some peeps play on android! ^.=.^


Oh god don't wait too hard for female support  D:

Both of the devs are critically gay, and the two other writers who wanted to help out haven't actually done anything in the two months since they first offered to help. It may be pretty gay for a long time.

As for the android, I didn't know it was that popular. I might look into making it more user-friendly. Tablets work well, but on my phone the buttons are really tiny. 


interested in seeing where this goes


This has great potential when development progresses. Keep up the good work! :3

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