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How much is available so far for the polychromatic dragons? Feels like I haven't experienced everything for them just yet, but I probably have. One of my favourite parts of the game so far and I really wanna see more ^u^

Just the two encounters. The exploration in the forest, and the lunch time.

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Is there any straight content in the game? If you choose male as your gender.

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Not yet I'm afraid. I even released a modding system that lets ANYONE write content for the game, hoping someone would come along and write it...

And out of the 4 or so people who have decided to mess with it, I don't think any of them are doing straight stuff.


Edit: I was wrong. Apparently the only addon (downloadable) we have right now is actually a M/F encounter. So there is in fact one, singular M/F scene, yes.

Where can I find the modding system? I cant seem to access the discord, so sorry if I'm asking a question answered there.

Everything related to modding is on the Discord. Seriously.

The game has a very basic rundown on how to make your own stuff, located in Orrias_data/StreamingAssets

But if you want the more advanced reference/guide to modding, OR if you want to download any of the existing mods, it's all on Discord.

The link is still active and working as far as I can see.

Thanks! I'll see if I cant cook something decent up.

I'm sad it ain't available in  Android, but happy that normal users can support the game in a different way -3-

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Nothing I can do about it at present. Perhaps later on.

In one of previous comments you mentioned ability for people to write their own content and I have some questions about that.  Will we be able to download creations of others? If so will there be dedicated site for that or will we be forced to go on "egg hunts"?

And some questions to development (apologies if they already been answered): is there any roadmap for planned development? Ever plan to ad pictures and artwork? Is there any way someone can support development outside of "just" donating?

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Downloading others' creations is a thing, yes, and its a part of 0.19 which dropped today! OwO

There is no dedicated site per se, but there is a dedicated (and moderated) Discord channel for this purpose, on our discord server. Tacky? Yea, but it's free.

Roadmap: Yes no kinda? I maintain a todo list that only the devs can see. I don't prescribe to a solidified roadmap because I am constantly changing the order in which I am doing things depending on what I overhear people asking for most. So instead, i have a list of things i want to do that is constantly being added or removed from, and the priority order of the work is constantly shifting.

Pictures/art: Eventually? Unfortunately I am the sole programmer AND artist for the game. Working on one means subtracting time from the other. I am also still learning art, so the results aren't ideal.

Support: You can now support by writing content for the game! Also you could share the game? Not a lot of people know we're doing a thing here XD

Just out of curiosity (at this point, why is it even "just out of curiosity"?) will there ever be a time where there will be some sort of graphical map that will be added into the game? It'll help visualizing the entire story and since you've considere adding an art form of some events where the derg gets dominated lustfully by other species....

Anyway, love the game! Have another cookie for your hard work! 🍪


That was actually the intended 0.20 release.

But due to popular demand, we've changed course and are currently working on a way for anyone to write content for Orrias with zero involvement from the dev team.

That is actually happening on the next release. Hooray! So finally my response to the question, "when will we have females in the game?" Will be, "as soon as you or someone else writes them in!"

Version 0.20 will be me fine tuning this system, and after that hopefully I can get back to my big map project.

Wait wait wait... "Anyone to write content for Orrias" what does that mean? 🥺👉👈

It means anyone can come to the discord server and learn our scripting language DragonScript and write anything they want into the game.

We have a few people already doing that. Technically anyone could start right now, although the release for actually running the content won't be available until August 1st.

Ohhhhhh!!! So literally anyone can join right? owo If so, what's the discord server link?

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The server link is in multiple places. You can find one in the description here on the game's page, or click the icon on the title screen.

I can't seem to download the android version (apk). The download starts and completes, but the file downloaded is NOT an apk. It's simply listed on my phone as unrecognizable file.

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This is a strange problem, and I can't reproduce the same effect on my devices. 

After downloading I receive a file called orrias.apk which my device places at "/storage /emulated/0/download/" (the default downloads folder)  Then I can run the APK and it installs, after the Play store scans it.

I have asked in the discord server for anyone else who has downloaded this month's Android version, to see if anyone else has an Android device that this is not working on. Have you had this problem with any other Android APK files on

Edit: there may be a setting on your device that you have to enable or disable in order to use apps outside of the Play store. The link below has a section explaining where you might find that setting.

Also this one, just ignore the stuff about expressvpn.

I have a problem like that on my old phone once and the problem is mainly because you either did not finished the download, playprotect is preventing you from completely finishing your download, or in some cases, an antivirus app is preventing you from downloading from malicious website. ;3

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First of all, love the game. I spent a few hours straight playing it, and I feel as if I've basically completed all the current content, at least everything besides that cave that requires a small body.

Anywhoozles, some of the encounters had me wondering, since I myself am much more interested in the "domination" aspect of the game, will some of the current non-dominatable characters get scenes in the future where you dominate them? 

Off the top of my head I think of frost and his brother, Tarragone, and Mikhar (probably my current favorite). As fun as it is being dominated by them, I find the thought of "putting them in their place" to be much more enticing~ Although with Mikhar I picture it being a more intimate occasion than say frost.

At present, I have no plans on players dominating Frost. His brother, on the other hand...

Mikhar is not within my jurisdiction; that will be up to the author to decide. As I understand, there is something planned in regards to him, though. What that ultimately turns out to be is a mystery.

I had intended Tarragon to be more of a switch, and the guy absolutely loves to get touchy-feely with dragons. He'll probably be in the loving, intimate side.

Other projects are in the works that'll allow players to be more dominant. I do have one in store, at least.


Ooh, what a shame, I was looking forward to crushing Frost at his full strength and showing him who's boss~ 

Either way, it's great to hear there's more to come for those of us who like being in charge. With what I experienced with Tarragon already I can only imagine what his domination scene would be like.

And Mikhar is just adorable, can't help but love him!

Anyway, thanks for answering so promptly~

Just out of curiosity, if you do manage to add some dragons that are interested to be mates with you, can you like maybe make it a harem of some sort? A lot of male harems. :3

The desire to form a harem is one of the many things that kickstarted the game's development, so believe me when I say that it's planned.

That being said, it's currently far, far down in the backlog. At present, I don't think I've written nearly enough content to justify forming one as of yet.

Ohhh! So there is a harem of dragons! So, just to clarify, a harem with those big musky dergs right? owo

Is, not quite. Not yet. But there will be.

And if you want big musky dergs, you'll get big musky dergs.

I'm hoping to have a little bit of everything available to players by the time the system rolls out.

And hopefully it won't end to just dergs right? There's Mikar so possibly a harem with different species is very interesting.

My biggest complaint is that the sizes are so incredibly vague. I can't tell if a character is bigger or smaller than I am, nor do I know how big I am. Am I dog sized? Do I reach the treetops? I like the numerical statistics, but they are far less effective without references for size comparison.

I'm aware of the sizes (among other things) being incredibly vague. I've thrown a lot of systems together quickly, and I'm slowly trying to fine tune them as I go. I seem to be better at throwing in new stuff than fixing old stuff XD But I do come back around (See: the combat rework!)

Anthros would probably be around a size 10, for a comparison, and the sizes escalate quickly from there; perhaps 20 for horse-sized, 30 for elephantine, 40+ and you're getting into mythical beast sizes. 70+ is in the realm of "small" macros that could walk over mountain ranges in a few steps.

My original concept for all of the size statistics, was that bodysize was the primary size, and all other sizes were relative to bodysize. So a bodysize 2 with a cock size of 90 is a chihuaha with a dick the size of a baseball bat, while a bodysize 90 with a cocksize of 2 is... Mount Everest with the Washington Monument sticking out of it.

I'll see if I can flesh this out better in future releases owo

if possible I'd like some more scenes where the dragons you encounter could try to become your mate

More? I'll level with you, I don't remember any scenes I've written that include courting and/or mateship. I was planning on officially having some proper courting happen later on in development.

I may have something somewhat similar coming out in the next few months, though. Fingers crossed!

I promise I am not psychic, that was only a coincidence.




Oh oh! I have a suggestion! 

Can you perhaps add a dragon that is crazy all over you and forces  you as his personal f toy but you don't wanna do it? Like maybe he'll do anything from sweet talking you in the most cringe and cliché way to trying to lewd you to submission? o//3//o


Good news! I already have something similar planned out for that particular scenario.


Really?! Great (lewd) minds think alike? :v

Quick question: About the red colored lettered voice in the cave in the mountains. Is that a dragon right there? Im very curious ever since I have been a smol derg. :3

I'll let this speak on my behalf.

Oh poooo.... (>'^')>

But it is an interactable character dragon thingy in the future right?

There will be more of it in the future, yes.

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I just realized that I can't comment when using my mobile phone..

So I am using my laptop instead ^.^ 

I just wanna say, thank you for making this game and putting so much thought on adding some of our ideas into the game. I hope this game never dies cuz I freaking love being a derg.

Also, you earned yourself a new follower. Ill be sure to tell my other dragon friends about this game. :3

Another thing... wiggly tentacles? owo

OH OH! And another thing, for some reason, my stats keep lowering to the point where I am constantly fighting the dergs rather than being dominated.... Is this a bug? I wanna feel the love tooo... :(

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

We've received reports of stat drops happening more often than we would have liked. Since it's a relatively new system, there's probably a few things that need to be balanced.

As for tentacles, I may end up putting them in at a later date.

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beautiful game particularly fond of some intimate scenes, I just happened to be watching Spirited Away while playing, so far of playing this, I'd rate personally 9/10, can't rate any higher due to it not being currently finished, hope you continue with this.

{You earned a follower}

Thanks! owo

I'm not sure if the game will ever reach a truly "finished" state due to its extremely open-ended nature, but I will admit that there is currently not a lot in it right now, and there are a lot of half-finished things added in XD

still really hope you continue, I never like a game within less than a week and I loved it within an hour, you really have talent! :D

Thanks owo

Will continue. First of the month, every month, like clockwork~

Though soon, we might see content popping up all month, depending on how many writers suddenly start modding the game. :O

Hey hey hey! I just got a weird idea!

You know where the time where the Polychromatic (finally spelled it right! o3o) dragons in the rainbow crystal forest had an event where they surround you when you were a bit too big to them and let you go because of it?

Well~~ Maybe can you add some sort of.... gangbang or orgy event where your lust meter is 100/100?  O//3//O

Even the big boys need some love now and then. I'll keep your suggestion in mind.

Hey hey hey! I forgot to add something...

Can you add some wiggly tentacles that love (probably a bit too much love~) dragons? Specifically you~~? 

Also, for some reason, comments are disabled in, i can't comment using my mobile phone. :3

Everything has comments enabled, and you just posted a comment?.. o.O

Umbra will have to answer the writing question.

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I think it's because I'm using mobile? Maybe it'll work in PC.

Anyway~~ About those Wiggly lewd tentacles that love dragons? (>O//3//O )>

 Edit: It definitely works in PC when I comment.  :3


Hey hey hey....

Idk if you read my other comment about Frost, buuuuuuuuut~

Maybe can you possibly, you know, add an extra scene where he like, dominated your *cough* hole? Ó3Ò


He already does, though. All you need to do is lose or run away from him in combat.

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I mean  if you just submit to him and get dominated in a non-violent way. :3


Oh Oh Oh! Remember the time where you end up climbing on foot in the mountains where you eventually tell some sort of stories with the tiny noodle dragons and older dragon there?... 

Can you maybe perhaps like... Idk, add some sort of lewd scene for you and the older dragon when he wants you to tell you your "other" stories? If you know what I mean. -3-


You're not the first to ask about the beency bouncy noodles and a lewd scene with the elder.

I think I can work a small expansion in at some point.

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I love this game! So few out their that are even remotely similar 

but I was wondering when the female content will come out? If it's no time soon then that's fine but I'm just curious.

Edit: I just scrolled through the comments and saw what you said about the female content. Sorry for asking, it seems like a repetitive question.


Thanks and thanks! owo

Female content eventualllyyyyyy when third party writers do it yadda yadda, same spiel you've already read. On the plus side, if we were aiming to be the biggest male-centric game in the genre, we probably already succeeded! >u<

It's a small list   ._.

Yeah. I wish their were more Dragon games. But know our of all I've seen, this is the best!

 and I would ask to help write female parts, but I know I would get a no and I'm a very amateur writer, so it would be terrible -_-

Deleted 275 days ago

Both/Either. There is currently no female content in the game at all, and eventually there may someday be female NPC and PC content.

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Hey Hey Hey! I know I requested a lot of things for the game so.... (mainly about cuddles and lewd stuff, I mean, who wouldn't want some of those actions especially when it comes to being a dragon)

Would it be okay to maybe to add some sort of another cuddle scene with Mikar the Gryphon?... (>^~^)>

Or maybe a few cuddle scenes after being exhausted by being submissive towards the dragons that demand tribute? owo...

Oh Oh! And about that sneaky and teasing black dragon that was with Frost( i think that was the dragon that has a ridiculously high level and hp in the jungle?) can you maybe introduce em to me? And by me I mean us? owo. :3

Although Mikhar isn't mine, I'll happily relay your request to his writer.

As for the sneaky teasing black dragon, I'm not going to leave him out of the fun. I'll give the guy a proper introduction later down the line.

Oh Oh! And about Frost....

I seem to remember him saying he'll try.... you know. Taking the other "hole" if he's up for it. If ya know what I mean. OwO Maybe an extra scene there? O3O


Suggestion: Will it be okay to add some sort of Images on some events or battle scenes in future update? 

Maybe eventually?

The only programmer for the game is also the only artist.

Unsurprisingly, he spends 99% of the time programming instead of drawing.

 Is it okay to request a.... lewd pic when being dominated in some kind of event?... o//3//o

Eventually! owo

yus! O3O

Hey hey hey~ 

Skimming through the comments, I noticed that you guys have probably 2 or three writers and they are all 'critically' gay? I was wondering if.... you know.  O//3//O

Anyway! Just out of curiosity when will the Hunger Bar issue be revamped?.... I mean, the only way to stay small and be dominated by big strong dragons is for the hunger bar to be 30/100 or low. :3

My usual answer regarding additional writers at this time is "no". The bar for entry into the core team has been set obscenely high. As such, any additional writers will likely be third-party, when the system is in place for anyone to write up their own thing and distribute it.

I've made the hunger system not change your size as long as you're within 30-70 fullness. It's also a lot easier to hunt and actually find something, and hunger decreases slower than it used to.

Any additional changes to the system will probably have to wait a significant amount of time, as I'm currently messing with the combat system slightly, and then finishing up the major project I started last month, and maybe getting things set up for third party writers because I'm getting asked about female content repeatedly. Soooo its a minimum of 3 months away and probably more than that.

Ok! -3-

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Really neat game so far, though personally I'm really hyped for female content. Any expectations for when that will come out?

Also, out of curiosity, how is the progress on the development going along? anything you guys are lacking there like writers etc.?

Seems like it could be a really cool game for me once more stuff gets added, I'll keep an eye on the progress. Female content being added would definitely make me play it a lot more heh


Well the good news is, a lot more stuff is sure to be added! I'm going to try and make the gameplay elements like combat actually functional for the july release, we'll see, and there's a much larger change coming later that I've been secretive of, probably in august.

The bad news is, the devteam writers are only really interested in male content. You probably won't see female content until after I make it possible for third parties to write, test, and distribute content without requiring dev involvement. 

Keep checking back, I suppose. The idea isn't abandoned, just stuffed behind a lot of other stuff. :3

When do you guys plan on adding the alpha? I'm getting eager to "have a chat" with him

The alpha will be added when I finish writing him. He's not going to be done for a while, though; other projects have taken precedence over him.

I can safely say that I don't expect him to be done by the next release.

Ok thx

Oh! Oh! Just a suggestion....

Would it be possible to have an option to cuddle the Floof? Or perhaps snuggle with it?

*snuggle* (>-3-)>

Writing a small expansion for the floofs is indeed within the realm of possibility, but whether or not it will happen remains to be seen.

There are a number of things that I want to take care of before I go back to older scenes. I'll keep your request in mind.

Hey hey hey! Just out of curiosity....

When will the female gender be implemented in the game? 

Also, here's a Creamy Cookie for your hard work.


Probably when I make it possible for anyone to write content for the game by just dropping the right files in the right folders.

So its probably a ways off, but maybe not as long as you'd think, but then it probably IS as long as you think, or maybe even longer!

I wouldn't think about it too much.

OwO? I don't get it. Are you perhaps teasing? ~w~

Oh Oh! I also forgot to mention that when quitting the game and playing it again resets ang kind of encounter event as well.

Forgot to add that one on my last comment. Sowwy.


Fixed in next release.

This information was -way- more useful than the information from 15 days ago regarding this. :p

.... Sorry. -3-

Dont be? I mean, it's fixed now!


Hey Heyy!! Is the UwUfication syndrome removed? I kinda enjoyed being UwUed. :3

They still exist in their respective environments, but players now have a less-than 1% chance of finding them.

Hey hey! Are you guys aware that loading any kind of save files kinda resets any kind of encounter event? The levels of my dragons stay the same, only the events that happened kinda gets reset at the beginning. I had this kind of problem with me ever since I downloaded the version 0.14

Although, I wouldnt mind doing some... "bonding" experience with the uppity dragon in the crystal forest again. uwu

Maybe you can fix this in the future?...

Strange. I'll have to look at it. Everything seemed to be in order...

Oh please do. UwU

Hey hey hey! Just out of curiosity.... Will the sea dragon be... you know? >w< Be a weee bit... top? OwO In the future?

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Oh Oh! I have a request! Remember the part where the Poly-i-forgot-the-name-of-that-dragon in the crystaline forest beat you in battle and right before the end he asks if you can just cuddle/snuggle with him since both of you just finished.... you know... >w<

Maybe you can add some sort of snuggle option?...  OwO

To be fair, they are the kind of dragon who would love nothing more than to cuddle the player after an intensive "bonding exercise."

Who knows... Maybe I will extend their scene a little.

Yay! *gibs you derg snugs and cuddles*

Heeey, i just realized that my dragon is almost the size of a titan now and those cuties in the crystal forest doesn't seem to bother me anymore *sad*

Is there a way to decrease my size? owo

Currently the only way to decrease size is to keep your hunger really low. I think its below 30, at least.

It's a really crap system that needs to be rebuilt (And still hasnt, as of the upcoming May release.)

Heeey, how dwo I mweeet the alpwa? Those cowlowful dwagons in the fowest? UwU

The alpha of the colorful dragons is not accepting visitors at this time.

He hasn't been written yet.

oh... (  ._.)

Guys! Who is Umbra? I didn't see him yet. >~<

Umbra is the other developer. Specifically, he's the one that does all of the actual writing.

Jack is the one that does all of the coding. :3

ohh! I thought he's the "Red Letter" dragon thing in the mountain caverns. õwõ

*speaks in draconish* Hewoo! I wub your game and honesby, this kimb of tawkling is cyutie! 

this look intz, but cannot play so will there be support for mac or even browser?

HTML5 is something I wanted to try to do in the future, so maybe!

Mac is difficult. I could try to make a build for it on the next release (April 1st), but I have absolutely no way of testing it! 

alright, thx for reply, no pressure if cannot do :)

I'm... confused. Hunger seems to mean literally the exact opposite. I kept hunting over and over again trying to get my Hunger down, but it kept resetting to 100... but for some reason resting decreased it. Went to 0 and that didn't even seem to matter much. Then hunting again increased it to 35. Is that how it's supposed to work? If so, why is it called Hunger?

I will admit that this discussion did come up back in December when I first coded hunger in. In the end we decided that, since pretty much every game we've played that involved a hunger system has it start at full and decrease over time, that is the system we would use. I suppose I could have called it satiation, it just feels like more cumbersome of a word than I really needed.

Hunger doesn't do much yet, no. The systems that are in place are shoddy and will be replaced eventually. Hunger causes you to gain body/part size randomly when it's above a threshold, and lose those sizes when its below a threshold. It also causes damage to you any time you hunt or explore when it's at 0.

what does the lust meter do?


The only thing I can confirm myself, is that it begins to affect your chance to hit in combat once it goes above 50.

It might affect the outcomes of certain scenes, or influence what choices are available in certain scenes.  My co-dev is the one who writes the scenes, which is why I can't say for certain what is effected there.

Honestly most of the "gameplay" is WIP. Hunger, lust, size changes, leveling up, EXP, and the entire combat system are pretty bare right now. It's something I'll eventually get to, but my primary focus so far has been building and expanding the scripting language that my partner uses to write porn, so he can write even more porn and in different ways!

Lust has a determining factor in two things:

1: High lust has a detrimental effect in combat, giving the player an additional chance to miss.

2: Lust can allow players to access alternative or additional scenes in certain encounters. 

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Supporting this all the way! Can't wait for female support soon. Keep it up!

I love that finally a developer realizes that some peeps play on android! ^.=.^


Oh god don't wait too hard for female support  D:

Both of the devs are critically gay, and the two other writers who wanted to help out haven't actually done anything in the two months since they first offered to help. It may be pretty gay for a long time.

As for the android, I didn't know it was that popular. I might look into making it more user-friendly. Tablets work well, but on my phone the buttons are really tiny. 


interested in seeing where this goes


This has great potential when development progresses. Keep up the good work! :3

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