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Is there an ETA on the next update?

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Can´t wait for more updates! The story is really good - one of a very few VNs that have feral dragon. But you gotta fix the scaling with small - medium - big dragons so there is actuall diference between it that makes sense :D

Is author ok?


Development has started back up. We do not have an ETA on an update as of yet.

Good luck) I was just worried about you. The game was in the second place

rip this game it was great while it lasted

1) Is there a wiki?
2) I am stuck with Artemis giving me a free ballad or patting me when I am sleeping - is there more progress, because he´s my favourite character ;)

3) Is there a way to progress with the small wyvern with the pearl? It keeps giving me: ´None so far.´

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1)idk dont think so
2)currently no
3)currently no


how do i add mods


After going through the… “I SEE YOU” encounter, does it effect anything in the game?


There's an event flag associated with it. At present, I don't believe I've implemented anything associated with it, outside of giving your dragon a severe case of "nope" when faced with the prospect of going into that cave again.


is the game still ongoin


Hiatus. We're going through some stuff that requires us to step away from the game for a while.


Sorry to hear. Hope this game continues to be worked on.

where do you download the mods?

Mods are publicly available in the game's discord server.


How to trigger bad ends? 


There's two NPCs with associated bad ends: Frost, and the Prismatic Alpha.

Frost's can be triggered by repeatedly running away from him during battle.

The Prismatic Alpha's ends vary depending on your actions. You can accept his proposal, you can reject it and lose the ensuing lust check, reject it and lose the battle, or run away from his fight. Running from him will set an event flag that will trigger at a 10% chance on most rest scenes, sending you directly to a bad end. This event flag can be removed by defeating in combat.

How do I save?

System Menu -> File -> Save

ohh i hope this project isnt dead ;w;


Not dead, just a hiatus. Writing's on hold while I deal with a lot of personal stuff and several bouts of sequential misfortune.


ahh murphy's law, i wish you the best of luck.


1, There needs to be more practical application to the lust mechanic since as it stands it only impedes additional options for sexual encounters, and I kept going to the jungle to find that flower scene just to bump up to 50.

2, Having a hint as to what choices will result in immediate sexual encounters would be nice. Not a frequent issue, but I was not expecting "Halt" to immediately go into vore.

3, The sizes could do with some readjusting as it's a bit odd to have a 8 by 4 dragon with a dick less than three inches.

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Pls, an option to fully submit to Mikar. I want to be his dragon pet

What does ´´meta´´ mean?


It's for potentially fourth-wall-breaking encounters. Not exactly the best for immersion.


do let me know when either the other gender options are officially added or a mod is made that adds them


it would be great, if you add some "encounter map", which includes all the encounters on a location, which one can meet, and the number of encounters which haven't been met yet

So, if you meet the alpha, and run from them, are you permanently softlocked to be succumbed to him when you rest? Is there a way to get rid of him or no? It's getting annoying trying to save data after every rest.

If you run from the alpha, the only way to get him to stop hunting you down is to actually beat him in a fight.

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Question, is anything going on with that wyvern with the pearl or am I dumb and didnt see an Easter egg?


I haven't written anything else with him yet, no.

For now, the little guy is doomed to be perpetually lost.

How do I get add ons for this game?

Add-ons for the game can be downloaded from the Discord server, in the Dragon Repo channel. As of this writing, there is only one add-on that has been uploaded.

I can't and refuse to use Discord, someone hacked me and impersonated as support team and demanded me to give them phone number, I refuse to go back there, I am not going to get hacked again by that toxic dude. Is there an alternative way on obtaining it?

The bad news: I have no other options available right now when it comes to hosting mod content.

The good news: There seriously isn't much mod content available that works in the current version anyway, and modding will probably be dropped later on since I have other plans that will make them obsolete.


ok, I will wait for future updates, I really enjoyed your game! I understand why there aren't other options, but thank you for understanding! 


Also, I have a suggestion for dusty, after some cuddle session, he would leave to investigate the trouble, so I thought it would be more fun if we were able to come with him and help him out, like fighting giant sandworm or something like that.

I think there's a bug in the game, I'm on mobile and I can't seem to find any new encounters asside from Artemis and I've been exploring one location for the last 10 minutes.  Anyone know of a fix?

So, the first thing I gotta ask is this:
Are you playing a female/herm character? Cuz if you are, then you're missing out on 99% of the game. All of it is super gay. There is literally no content tailored for ladies.

Oh yeah, that fixed it. I'm big dumb lol :D

Enjoying the new scenes with Dusty!

I hope to see new scenes with the poly alpha and Frost/Smoke (with player as the dom) in a future update as well, they're my favorites.

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Where i can find mods?

On the discord.

But there's almost nothing there, and the ones that are there aren't guaranteed to work, as I haven't seen much going on to maintain them.

Could the new Surrender option be moved away from the other combat buttons? It's easy to misclick and accidentally hit Surrender instead of Flee.


I thought I put it in a good spot, but i can look into it again. maybe a confirmation.

how can i travel to other location i play for 2 day but only open 2 location forest and plain is there any bug prevent from going to other location?

The backgrounds only change between forest and plains (since those are the only two images currently in the game) but I can assure you that travel between all the zones is indeed possible.

There are plenty of encounters that are shared in multiple zones, however. The eastern dragons are one such example.

I love the idea of a submit button! Hopefully in future updates it makes it so that players can have a full submissive dragon playthrough, or a full dom dragon playthrough. :D
I def would love to see more content for the Sea dragon by the shore or in the forest there was a Large/fat, with big assets dragon to play with. I think these two zones dont have much touched on them :D

ive noticed that i found the knight twice and since then even on new games he never shows up now but i get lots of squirrel and fab dragon encounters.

The knight can only be encountered in the mountains. Taking a certain approach to his encounter relocates him elsewhere.

just a question but is the latest build designed not to create a save date folder. im on mac and when i go to show packaged contents for any saves ive made, i dont see a save data folder like in previous builds.

It's entirely possible that i broke the Mac version when i reworked saving back in v022.

But, the save data folder hasn't really changed location.

There are two possible locations for the saves: I prefer to use the game's folder if the OS allows it, but if that fails there is a secondary folder that's supposed to always work, buried off in the middle-of-fucking-nowhere in appdata.

Launching the game and opening the save menu will tell you which location it's using, and it's path.


If neither of these are working, even if you create a new game and save it, then I'm not sure what's broken.

its all ok i tend to just use the save data to change things in text on my character. its not a big deal. :D


I'm curious exactly how much content I'm missing by refusing to ever fight anyone? I don't want to be a mean dragon... but I've been level 1 the entire time, I assume because I've never tried to fight back.

I'd say you're missing out on a lot. Think of it this way: Initiating combat doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to be a mean dragon. It more or less establishes who gets to call the shots afterwards.

Take one of the Eastern Dragons, for example. They view combat as an art form, and eagerly invite you to join them, because they think it's fun. Combat for dragons is often seen as less as a sign of aggression (territorial disputes notwithstanding) and more of a contest.


My immediate reaction: "Dragons are weird."

Me right after: "...Wait most normal humans do this, it's called sports, I'm the one who's weird..."


Ok, well after trying this combat thing a few times, I think I'll skip it... doesn't seem to do anything except make me stronger, which makes it easier to win... and for some reason winning magically causes me to be a top. Which I don't want.

if you don't get stronger: *spoiler alert*

you won't be able to beat frost to meet a secret npc


No idea who Frost is so that's probably fine.

But anyway... I kinda get the impression this game expects you to be a top, because you're a dragon, and being a bottom is apparently weird for dragons. Even though many of the bottom NPCs are dragons. I don't really get it, honestly.

not really. There are several instance where being a bottom is not a bad thing. Again *spoiler alert*

1. Constantly losing fights to the chromatic dragons will let you to meet your posibly future husband (you're the bottom of course unless you want to the be top by defeating him, hardest fight in the game btw)

2. Defeating the eastern dragons made you a power bottom

3. You can bottom for the dragons that messes with a certain caravan.

So overall being the bottom is not a bad thing. But if you want to find the secret npc by beating frost, you can fight eastern dragon if you want to bottom, and choose get f*cked with territorial dragons (that's what i do)

question: i remember a comment mentioned you wanting to do a browser version. any updates on that yet?


Quick question. Is there a possibility that you will implement a reward option to Snuggle with the Alpha of the Polychromatic Dragons when you beat him him battle? OwO



Are you smol, if not, make yourself smol, because rn idk if you can attack him as a big boi


Just wanna say Happy Birthday Orrias! UwU

Does this game have pictures for the characters, what gender is the main character and what gender are the characters?

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no, and it's almost exclusively gay

have you thought about adding a tundra/more locations?


New locations on hold until after things are made more gamelike. An actual progression will be coming soon/eventually, and all current content has to fit into that progression before new stuff can be considered.

im guessing no more mac?

I received word that it doesn't run at all. Without a means to test it on my side, I have no way of fixing it.

Sadly, it is probably dead. If I do run across something that seems like a plausible fix, i'll release it on the usual schedule and hope for the best.

Hmmm i havent had a single mac issues with any build so far. i could even go to text edit and edit things in the files no problem as well.

Interesting. Must have been an issue on the user's side...

I will re-enable the download.

Yup works perfectly fine on my end. They probably have to right click and then select open as thats part of macs security when opening alot of downloaded things from online.

Looks like for mac it says it cant open the application

No clue how long thats been broken, or if it's been broken all along. In the year i've been doing this, you're the first person ive heard of to use the mac version.

I will look into it, but without a mac to test on, this will probably be the death of the mac build. Sorry D:

oh no! I know doing mac is a bit of a pain so worse comes to worse I'll just have to dig out the really old windows PC and see if that still boots up lol. If you would like someone to test if it starts up on mac in the future I'll happily give it a try. 


Is every encounter in the game a male?  I've been playing for almost a day and haven't seen a female yet. Also, i've been fighting... a lot and my stats are improving or at least thats what the green texts says but when i check my character  profile stas are at their lowest, Weakest wtv? 

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No female content in the base game, no. The addon system was created in the hopes that someone else would do it, since the main Orrias writer does not do female content.

The stats thing is odd. I'll have to look into that.

Edit: So, everything is working as intended, but it IS a little confusing in its current state.

Your combat stats are a number between 1 and 100, but they're listed on the character screen with a word, and there is only three tiers of word it can use (Weak, average, strong... etc)... So it does take awhile before it rolls over to the next word.

We'll look into either adding more tiers to make it more noticable, or just display the number itself, in the following release.

Edit2: Looks like we're going to do the numerical values. Sorry for the confusion D:

I could give you some ideas for herm content, but I'm to bad to write it properly (Aaand I'm German)!

Nein. The writer doesn't do herms, either.

All sex scenes in the base game will be male.

You could always pose your herm ideas to the mod writers, though. There's a small group on the Discord.

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how can i meet the alpha? the chromatic dragon said that i'm ready to meet their alpha but i can't find him. also, there's no mreg tag i the blacklist menu so i don't know if it's active or not. anyone know the answer?

You may be running an outdated version of the game. The fact that the MPreg tag doesn't exist in your blacklist serves as proof of that; that tag was only added in with the release of the Alpha.

huh? I thought i alredy downloaded the new patch. I'll double check it. Thanks for informing me

Could you put the addons in the game download and make an ingame option to toggle it on/off for each one? It would be much faster and easier than having to seperately download, unzip and move to the correct folder for every single one manually.


I might be able to do things slightly differently for convenience. Maybe a drag and drop system. But I can't place a timeframe on such a thing at this time. I must stop adding things for awhile and fix up what is currently in the game; especially the code itself.

Regardless of what I change however, the one thing that will never change is the requirement of downloading the addons seperately. The point of the system is to remove myself from the equation. If i added them to the game directly like that, then any time an author wanted to change something, or if they wanted all of their content removed for any reason, I would have to do those changes myself, and they'd be limited to the monthly release cycle.

Removing myself means content updates can happen any day, instead of on my monthly schedule. Also, I don't have to do anything at all with the content, which if a lot of people start doing stuff, would eventually bury me. We're currently seeing about 2 new writers starting up per month.

Other than that requirement, we'll see what happens in the future.

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