Orrias v.0.22 Changelog

Still fixing things up. At least the downtime has given us a chance to rethink the future of the game.

Previous ideas on what the game was originally going to be have been abandoned, and a new future arises in it's wake. I'm sure you guys will like it either way. I haven't divulged much on future plans after all, and this is exactly the reason why I don't.

Though I will always keep my original plan close at hand. Perhaps it will be a sequel.




- We've got a new dragon on the loose and he's absolutely FABULOUS! You'll randomly run into him on your explorations.

Encounter changes


- In preparation for the eventual dominant route for the Prismatic Alpha, Polychromatic Dragons got another tune-up. Sufficiently dominant players can now turn the tables on these colorful boys.

- Hey, do you like vore? Cuz that's a thing now. The kobold in the plains has a new scene if you like weird butt stuff. Come in with high lust.

- Players who've fled from the Prismatic Alpha, and haven't gone back to defeat him, may find themselves having a troubled sleep. Sweet dreams...

Save System rework


- No more unintuitive filenames. Now based on your character's name.

- No more empty save files, causing random holes in your save list from deletions.

- No more weird index file.

- Backwards compatible with existing saves.

- Savelist sorted from most recent to oldest: That's probably the one you're actually using.

- Still unlimited save slots.

- (text me if i broke it.)

Less Obvious reworks


- Word replacer optimized. Faster on user's end, more flexible on writer's end.

- Encounters optimized, now only reads an encounter from disk the first time it's accessed in a session.



- Did you know that some encounters change based on how high a player's lust is? Buttons that lead to these special scenes will now be given pink text.

- Minor behind-the-scenes additions.



- Minor typo fixes.

- Fixed players not being to see the numerical value of their stats on the View Character screen.

- Fixed player height/length being exactly the same. You will no longer be a dragon orb (or drorb for short).


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Nov 01, 2021
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Nov 01, 2021
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Nov 01, 2021
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Nov 01, 2021

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