Orrias V.026 Changelog



- Additional terminals have been added to various zones, bringing some more flavor to their respective biomes. Not all zones are affected by this additional fluff, mind you.

- While roaming the mountains, someone may end up calling out to you. Additional content exists for vore enthusiasts, even outside of that encounter.

- Players who had some fun with the otter on the shorelines may wind up running into him again while hunting around his usual stomping grounds. Particularly horny players may gain some additional fluff with him.

- A tiny dragon may be encountered on the shorelines.

Encounter changes


- With the change in combat, floofs may now be surrendered to. But really, who would be so heartless as to actually initiate combat with them?

Gameplay Changes


- Surrendering in combat is now a thing! Doing so will end combat and trigger the losing scenes, with no stat gains or EXP.

- In preparation for future plans, NPCs will no longer scale with the player, for the most part. This means you may encounter enemies that are either significantly underpowered, or overpowered. It sounds terrible, but it'll all make sense in future updates!



- Due to how stats work, enemies are horrifically unbalanced. These next few months will see several tweaks to their combat stats, as to make them appropriate for their level. Bear with us while we test 'em out, and please give us appropriate feedback.

- The Starseer's health pool is no longer as stupidly huge as it used to be. It's slightly less stupidly huge now.

- Some one-shot NPCs now have actual NPC files and stats allocated to them. They're probably not ever going to be involved in combat, but the data's there. An example would be the Fabulous Dragon.



- Fixed text breaking when loading a save from within the game (again? I swear I did this twice now.)

- A syntax error prevented a hunting scene from running. Oops.

- You guys like typos, right? No? Good, cuz some of them have been corrected.

Known Bugs


- As i was making the release builds I noticed the UI has shifted a bit. It's still usable, so I'll fix it in the next release.


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Apr 01, 2022
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Apr 01, 2022
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Apr 01, 2022
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Apr 01, 2022

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