Orrias v.027 Changelog

Encounter changes


- Resting with Dusty in the desert has been significantly overhauled with several new ways to spoil your cuddly companion. One of these scenes is locked behind a new event flag (more info in Misc).
- Additional interactions have been added to Japhet's family if you have an impromptu traveling companion accompanying you. You'll have to catch them when they're not busy dealing with company.

Gameplay Changes




- A new event flag has been added to the Crazed Sand Dragon encounter. If you've seen the special outcome already, you'll need to see it again for it to register. It's still a 10% chance for it to trigger, good luck.

- It is now more clear that you can part ways with the Knight after taking him with you on your journey. It's even been given a fresh coat of paint! Hope you like pink!

- Confirmation required on surrendering now.



- A crash involving Mikhar's encounter has been rectified.

- An improper label for the Eastern Dragons' combat scenes has been fixed. No longer will they invoke the ancient rite of "stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself"

- Game Over scenes have been given a fresh strap of duct tape, and will now function as intended again. Be sure to save often, and heed the blatant warnings!

- Fixed character screen showing wildly out-of-proportion sizes. They should now only be tamely out-of-proportion.

- Fixed UI being out of place.


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May 01, 2022
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May 01, 2022
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May 01, 2022
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May 01, 2022

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A great update!  Glad to see Dusty getting some love.