Orrias V.024 Postponed.

With a real job constantly pushing over 40 hours a week onto us, December has been the least productive month we've ever had. Even when we had downtime from work, we spent it recovering from work. Were we to release in it's current state, the only change would be a minor addition to a currently existing encounter, and a slightly optimized game loading.

There is so little additional content that I believe it would take you longer to download and install than it would to find the content. Hardly enough to warrant bumping up our version number and enticing a bunch of people to download what is effectively the same game.

We cannot in good conscience release the update as it stands; it wouldn't meet our standards in terms of quality. As a result, we will not be releasing an update today. Go forth and play all those other games you no doubt overloaded on from Christmas! Hopefully the January update will make up for it...

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It is fine, stuffs like that happens, you do your best getting new contents and stuffs over time whenever you have the time to do so, take as long as you need for each new updates for the game, just be happy with what you do.