Orrias V. 0.12 Changelog

Version: 0.12 Changelog:

New Encounters - Players may now encounter a rather colorful and overly-friendly dragon in the forest, also laying the groundwork for a future encounter for particularly submissive (or just plain weak) dragons. - A new encounter in the mountains with teeny tiny bouncy noodles. - An abnormally fluffy creature has been spotted wandering around. It can pop up anywhere!

QOL Changes - Added descriptive text to the blacklist to explain how it works. (It's technically more of a whitelist. oops. IM KEEPING THE NAME ANYWAY) - All new super advanced fancy-dancy ButtonGuard(TM)(C)(R) technology prevents accidental double-clicks, so you don't accidentally skip scenes. It will slow you down if you're just mashing through scenes, but you shouldn't notice it too much during regular play!

Graphics - Added Plains/grassland background. Horray, more terrible art from yours truly! - Are those fireflies? Or magical sparks? WHO KNOWS - backgrounds fade in by changing locations.

Bug Fixes - Android save system actually works now. Probably?


Orrias-Windows.zip 19 MB
Mar 01, 2021
Orrias-Linux.zip 19 MB
Mar 01, 2021
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Mar 01, 2021

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