Orrias V. 0.14 Changelog

New Encounters

- Exploring the shorelines may have an otter take notice of you. Hope you like size difference!

- Frost will now live up to his threat if you keep triggering a certain scene with him. The player will be thoroughly warned beforehand.

- Frost now has some shiny new combat text! He's still a bitch to fight, though.

- The Territorial Dragon encounter got a little bit of polish. He's sporting some new combat text too.

Encounter Changes

- The Starseer's Cave has been tweaked, and its effects on the player are now more noticeable.

- The colorful dragons in the crystalline forest will now let larger players explore, though they won't be happy about it.

- Either through heat stroke or one-too-many blows to the head, the player may experience some cognitive deterioration when roaming either the desert or the shoreline. Our finest draconic doctors are on the case, and should cure this insanity by the next release.

QOL Changes

- Hotkeys for some common buttons added. You can see the key for said buttons on the buttons themselves usually. Hurray!

- Resized the misc buttons in the bottom left. I'm not really using the space for anything, so why not!


- "Bad Ends" can now occur. They will force you to return to the main menu and reload the last save. Better be careful!

- Umbra finally has the power to write custom combat messages. Maybe we'll see something fancy from him!

- Renamed Hunger to Fullness.

- I did some fancypantsy code that in theory will help me in converting old save games to new save games, in the event that I change stuff that causes saves to break. No promises that i won't break things though!

Bug Fixes

- Fixed a potential problem found in testing, where a return button might not generate at the end of a scene.


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Apr 01, 2021
Orrias-Linux.zip 20 MB
Apr 01, 2021
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Apr 01, 2021
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Apr 01, 2021

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