Orrias V.0.16 Changelog



- Introducing Mikhar, the gryphon! Find this large lad while exploring the mountains. Comes with a few sex scenes, especially if the player approaches him with high lust.

- There is a new encounter on the shoreline, where you have a chance to be found by a friendly sea-dragon lad. Maybe too friendly!

Encounter changes


- The player has been successfully lobotomized, and should no longer suffer from UwUification Syndrome. There is, of course, a chance that the player may relapse, but what are the odds of *that* happening?

- There's been a massive cleanup effort this month. Many scenes got relocated, we removed some of the shorter, placeholder-y stuff, and gave other scenes a little touch-up. There's still a few things we gotta iron out, but most of the legwork has been done.

Gameplay Changes


- Added player colors to character creation! The writers may or may not have made use of them in the new scenes. There will be more to these customizations as we move forward!

- Scenes changing based on stats has already been a thing. Now, scenes can potentially be different purely by random chance, opening the door for any number of possible "flipping a coin" scenarios.

- Writers can now use the blacklist tagging system to block scenes within an encounter, or even just sentences and paragraphs, instead of locking out the entire encounter.



- Chance to not lose fullness, or gain lust, on exploring or hunting.

- Reduced fullness loss and lust gain from resting by 50%

- Chance for hunting success and failure are now more controlled.



- The game now knows approximately when to correctly use "an" versus "a" in a sentence, when dealing with inserted words such as species.

- Better whitespace removal in encounters. Less random spaces, newlines, tabs!



- Disabled character buttons when in the file menu, because pressing them in there breaks things. STOP BREAKING MY STUFF

- Tags we once used but no longer do use are now removed from the saved blacklist.

- Fixed the discord button on the main menu not working. Has that been broken the entire time?! XD


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May 01, 2021
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May 01, 2021
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May 01, 2021
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May 01, 2021

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