Orrias V.0.17 Changelog



- ♫ The plains are alive with the sound of music, with songs they have sung for a thousand years ♫ ...Not really, though. There is a campsite with a new NPC. Unusually for this game, he's not available for sex.

Encounter changes


- Sad that you can't cuddle a colorful dragon after getting your ass beaten by them in combat? Fear no longer! Once they deem you worthy of their Alpha, losing to the Polychromatic Dragons in combat will give you the option to spend just a little more time with them.

- Speaking of the colorful bois, they've gotten a bit of a touch-up! Polychromatic Dragons now have their very own combat scenes! Look at 'em prance, look at 'em dance, they're happy little balls of sunshine, and they want to have fun with you!

- Have you met that sea dragon in the shorelines, and thought to yourself "Man, I really want to get railed by that guy"? We got you covered. After topping him at least once, the player will be presented with an option to bottom for him.



- This month has been smaller than it normally is, especially in the coding department. Why? Well, I've spent the month coding up a very large addition that can't really be released in pieces. I'm aiming for a July release but I may push that back further. Still, I might tease bits and pieces of what I'm doing, kind of like how I'm doing now. Are you teased? You should be, its a porn game. >:O

Gameplay Changes




- Various typo fixes.



- Fixed game not remembering events it was supposed to remember between saving and reloading the game, such as meeting various npcs for the first time and whatnot. I'm shocked that this has been broken since the functionality was added!


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Jun 01, 2021
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Jun 01, 2021
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Jun 01, 2021
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Jun 01, 2021

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