Orrias V.0.18 Changelog



- Eastern dragons have been getting shafted, and not in the good way! This month has been dedicated to fixing that. We've got new encounters dedicated to the noodles.

- Eastern dragons may now be encountered for combat purposes.

- An aggressive Eastern dragon can be encountered while exploring.

- A significantly less aggressive eastern dragon can be encountered while exploring.

Encounter changes


- The Territorial Dragon has been renamed, and will be put to general use in other Western Dragon fights.

- In accordance with the combat rework (mentioned below), Frost has received a touch-up to his stats.

Gameplay Changes


- Combat reworked!

- Strength/Agility/Endurance added! Visible in character screen!

- New stats are trained by getting into fights. They will slowly go down if you're not being active. Don't be a lazy dragon!

- Health increase from bodysize has been significantly reduced.

- Combat advantage from bodysize has been significantly reduced.

- Combat is now more heavily influenced by the 3 combat stats and level.

- Resting now gives way more healing. Why didnt anyone tell me it was so annoying to come back from zero health? XD

- Maybe its easier to gain EXP? We'll see how it works out!

- The levels of your opponents have slightly more variation at higher level now.



- Loading an old save will set your new Str/agi/end stats to (10 * level). You will also notice a huge loss in max HP due to the bodysize changes listed above.



- Fixed player color randomizer never giving a low value. (How do you people find these things?...)

- Fixed a missing backslash in Frost's fight. His dialogue should be working better.

- Polychromatic Dragons are no longer referred to as dummies or inanimate objects when you attempt to flee from them.

- Squashed a few typos


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Jul 01, 2021
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Jul 01, 2021
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Jul 01, 2021
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Jul 01, 2021

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