Orrias v.0.19 Changelog



- A hunt scene involving some angry dragons has been added.

- A Polychromatic Dragon can be found outside of their usual stomping grounds while you're out hunting. You'll have to have encountered them in the forest first!

- A new rest scene has been added to the forest. Be wary, under the right circumstances, you may experience a vivid dream.

- Two new rest scenes have been added to the desert.

Encounter changes


- The eastern dragons from July's release got an update to their tags, and are now compatible with the blacklist.

- The Starseer has a new prophecy. What could it mean?

- Frost's encounter has been given a significant touch-up. There's a few new things to see at his home.

- Frost's brother has been given a new voice color.

- In preparation for some new stuff coming along, some encounters have received a few minor changes.

- Polychromatic dragons have received a tiny expansion to how their encounters work. Players who win in combat and subsequently dominate them may find that their attitude will begin to change...

Gameplay Changes


Modding system


Windows (maybe linux and mac?)


- After lots of tinkering and moving around of code and files no one really knows about, a rudimentary modding system is born.

- Creative players can write their own smut and distribute it themselves, with no processing by Orrias team required. The best place to distribute is on the Orrias discord server, where we have a moderated channel for this purpose.

- The game download contains an extremely rudimentary mod that just shows how to write them, how to install them, etc. It does not add any interesting content. It is located in ../Orrias_data/streamingassets

- This modding system only uses text files. Any download meant for Orrias that contains things other than text files is a fraud. And thats why you should only get stuff from the discord server, where the downloads are moderated!

- To help with making these mods, an In-Game debug console now exists, accessible through the tilde "~" key. It's a great way to potentially break your save game, if you get too crazy with it!

- Yes, this means someone, anyone, could potentially write that M/F (or M/anything, really) content you were about to ask me about. The only caveat to it is that we are not quite ready for a non-male PC. Non-male PC should be unlocked on the next release, but that does not guarantee someone actually writes content for it!



- Due to the way android works, this player created content is not available for Android at this time. You are stuck with whatever Umbra writes for you.



- No one will notice this because of how light the game is, but a minor tweak to how save versions are checked may improve savegame loading speed. (By like, microseconds.)

- Additional tags have been added. Be sure to check your blacklist!

- Some behind-the-scenes changes.



- NPCs are no longer purged after dying in combat. Instead they are purged at the end of an encounter. This prevents a crash that, until development this month, we never encountered!

- Umbra can no longer accidentally generate NPCs with 0 current health. I don't even know why this was necessary.


Orrias.apk 29 MB
Aug 01, 2021
Orrias-Linux.zip 19 MB
Aug 01, 2021
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Aug 01, 2021
Orrias-Windows.zip 19 MB
Aug 01, 2021

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