Orrias v.0.21 Changelog

Last month's project showed me that the code I currently have is in dire need of cleanup. I've spent most of the month massively reworking the code, instead of adding to what I already have.

This code-reworking is going to continue into next month. Before I continue piling trash code upon trash code, I need to tidy it up to make it easier to work with.

As a result, code-based additions will be small, if any at all. But hey, this doesn't affect Umbra's writing, so you'll still see new content on that front!

Another thing I've managed to do was add modding support to Android. Whaaat?! It's not very user friendly though. Here is a guide on how to get that to work:

1: First, open the game normally. This is required, because the game needs to move your save files, and create a new folder.

2: Go to the save/load screen. It tells you where the save files are. This directory is important! For all of my testers, it was located in "storage/emulated/0/android/data/com.jack.orrias/files".

3: You can close the game now. Go find an addon (there still aren't many available...)

4: You're going to go to the directory that your save folder is in (storage/emulated/0/android/data/com.jack.orrias/files) . Inside that directory is a new folder called Addons. Mods go there.

Note: If you cant find this folder, you'll need a third party file browser from the app store. Because Android default browser hides these folders.

5: The folder organization works the same way as on PC: The addon's folder contains mod folders, and the mod folders contain the npc, species, encounters, biomes folders. If its not setup like this it won't work.



- A family of squirrels has taken residence on the plains. They've got some company.

- Their horses appear to be occupied, with a pair of dragons taking advantage of them.

- Why is a dragon getting down and dirty with their wagon? Perhaps some investigation is in order.

- Players with high enough lust may find some new options available to them.

- Larger players with enough lust may even be able to take charge themselves.

Encounter changes


Gameplay Changes


- Increased number of action buttons to ten.

- So, you're finally awake... Wyverns have become a playable race in Orrias.



- Writers can now choose which buttons actions will go to.

- Writers can now swap from one encounter to another.

- Massive Code cleanup effort underway.

- Modding support for Android. Good luck with it, Android doesn't make it simple!




Orrias.apk 29 MB
Oct 01, 2021
Orrias-Linux.zip 20 MB
Oct 01, 2021
Orrias-Mac.zip 19 MB
Oct 01, 2021
Orrias-Windows.zip 19 MB
Oct 01, 2021

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if someone makes contet for the female side where will i be able to find it?

Our discord server is the only official source of mods, and as far as I know is currently the only place to find them.

yay new update, and you're going to go far with that attitude, fixing  any small possible errors before they have a change to turn into bigger ones ^_^